Best Paper Awards

ENNS sponsors Best Paper Awards at the yearly International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks ICANN.

You can find the names of the awardees of recent years below.


  • Springer and ENNS Best Paper Award
    Symmetry-Aware Siamese Network: Exploiting Pathological Asymmetry for Chest X-Ray Analysis by Helen Schneider, Elif Cansu Yildiz, David Biesner, Yannik C. Layer, Benjamin Wulff, Sebastian Nowak, Maike Theis, Alois M. Sprinkart, Ulrike I. Attenberger, and Rafet Sifa


  • ENNS Best Paper Award
    Stream-based Active Learning with Verification Latency in Non-stationary Environments by Andrea Castellani, Sebastian Schmitt and Barbara Hammer
  • Springer Best Paper Award
    Towards Both Accurate and Robust Neural Networks without Extra Data by Faqiang Liu and Rong Zhao


  • 1st ENNS Best Paper Award
    EPE-NAS: Efficient Performance Estimation Without Training for Neural Architecture Search by Vasco Lopes, Saeid Alirezazadeh, Luís Alexandre
  • 2nd ENNS Best Paper Award
    Multi-Branch Network for Small Human Pose Estimation by Ge Yuchen, Zhongqiu Zhao, Gao Yao, Min Hai, Weidong Tian
  • 3rd ENNS Best Paper Award
    DAEMA: Denoising Autoencoder with Mask Attention by Simon Tihon, Muhammad Usama Javaid, Damien Fourure, Nicolas Posocco, Thomas Peel
  • 4th ENNS Best Paper Award
    A Computational Model of the Effect of Short-Term Monocular Deprivation on Binocular Rivalry in the Context of Amblyopia by Norman Seeliger, Jochen Triesch

You can read more about the 2021 awards on the ICANN 2021 homepage.


  • 1st Springer and ENNS Best Paper Award (1000 EUR)
    Exploration via Progress-Driven Intrinsic Rewards, by Nicolas Bougie, Ryutaro Ichise
  • 2nd ENNS Best Paper Award (500 EUR)
    From Geometries to Contact Graphs, by Martin Meier, Robert Haschke, Helge Ritter
  • 3rd ENNS Best Paper Award (500 EUR)
    Two-Step FORCE Learning Algorithm for Fast Convergence in Reservoir Computing, by Hiroto Tamura, Gouhei Tanaka


Two ENNS Best Paper Awards (500 EUR each) were awarded to:

  • Bidirectional associative memory with block coding: A comparison of iterative retrieval methods by A. Knoblauch and G. Palm
  • Bistable perception in conceptor networks by F. Meyer zu Driehausen, R. Busche, J. Leugering, G. Pipa

Two ICANN Best Paper Awards (500 EUR each) were awarded to:

  • Prototypes within Minimum Enclosing Balls by Christian Bauckhage, Rafet Sifa, Tiansi Dong
  • Gradient-Based Learning of Compositional Dynamics with Modular RNNs by Sebastian Otte, Patricia Rubisch, Martin Butz


Two Best Paper Awards (500 EUR each) were awarded to:

  • Towards End-to-End Raw Audio Music Synthesis by Manfred Eppe, Tayfun Alpay, Stefan Wermter
  • An STDP Rule for the Improvement and Stabilization of the Attractor Dynamics of the Basal Ganglia-Thalamocortical Network by Jérémie Cabessa, Alessandro Villa