Best Paper Awards

At ICANN 2021 we had four Best Paper Awards, based on high scores in the paper reviews:

  • 1st ENNS Best Paper Award
    EPE-NAS: Efficient Performance Estimation Without Training for Neural Architecture Search by Vasco Lopes, Saeid Alirezazadeh, Luís Alexandre
  • 2nd ENNS Best Paper Award
    Multi-Branch Network for Small Human Pose Estimation by Ge Yuchen, Zhongqiu Zhao, Gao Yao, Min Hai, Weidong Tian
  • 3rd ENNS Best Paper Award
    DAEMA: Denoising Autoencoder with Mask Attention by Simon Tihon, Muhammad Usama Javaid, Damien Fourure, Nicolas Posocco, Thomas Peel
  • 4th ENNS Best Paper Award
    A Computational Model of the Effect of Short-Term Monocular Deprivation on Binocular Rivalry in the Context of Amblyopia by Norman Seeliger, Jochen Triesch
Online Award ceremony

The award ceremony took place online during the conference closing. Congratulations to all the awardees!