The European Neural Network Society (ENNS) is an association of scientists, engineers, students, and others seeking to learn about and advance our understanding of the modelling of behavioral and brain processes, develop neural algorithms and to apply neural modelling concepts to problems relevant in many different domains.

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Tri-Society Newsletters - ENNS, INNS, JNNS

The 24rd ICANN will be held on 15-19 September 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, chaired by Stefan Wermter.

The 23rd ICANN was held on 10-13 September 2013 in Sophia, Bulgaria. Please see the call for papers (PDF).

The 22th ICANN was held at the University of Laussane, Switzerland, 11-14.09.2012. It is dedicated to the memory of John G. Taylor, former ENNS President, and neural network research pioneer. Here is Wlodek Duch's collection of John's photos from various conferences. Please find some photos from this ICANN conference here.

The 21th ICANN has been held in Espoo-Helsinki, Finland, 14-17.06.2011. Please see the ICANNs subfolder for more info and photos from previous ICANNs.

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