Conference topics

ICANN 2024 is a conference featuring tracks in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Bio-inspired computing, and applications, with strong cross-disciplinary interactions. All research fields dealing with Neural Networks will be present at the conference. A non-exhaustive list of topics includes the following.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Theory and Foundations of Neural Networks
NN Convergence and Generalization, Loss Landscape Analysis
Novel Neural Network Architectures
Innovation in Recurrent and Transformer Architectures, Dynamical Models, Physically Informed NNs, Novel Learning Algorithms
Topics in Neural Networks
Generative Networks, Adaptation and Transfer Learning, Zero-Shot Learning, Lifelong learning, Knowledge Distillation, Representation Learning, Self-Supervised Learning, Contrastive Learning
Large Language Models
Innovation in Large Language Models
Explainable AI
Local and Global Explanations, Feature Attribution, Saliency Methods, Circuits, Counterfactuals
Graph Methods, Graph Neural Networks, and Clustering
Bayesian Networks, Graph neural networks
Reinforcement Learning
Deep Reinforcement Learning, Policy Gradients, Actor-Critic Methods, Artificial Curiosity
Topics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Statistical Methods, Kernel Methods, Information Theoretic Learning, Ethics of AI, Conscious AI

Bio-inspired Computing

Brain-Inspired Computing
Cognitive Models, Self-organization, Spiking Neural Networks, Hybrid Neural-Symbolic Architectures, Reservoir Computing, Neuromorphic Computing
Cognitive and Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience
Brain Informatics, Neural Dynamics, Neural Control and Planning, Cognitive Models, Biophysical models, Learning algorithms


Human-Computer Interaction
Biosignal Processing, Medicine and Physiology
Speech and Language Processing
Computer Vision
General Applications of Machine Learning
Climate and Environment

WOrkshops and Special SESSIONS

AI in Drug Discovery
Explainable AI in Human-Robot Interaction
Deep Learning for Neuro-heuristic Brain Analysis
Reservoir Computing
Special Sessions:
Spiking Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Computing
Accuracy, Stability, and Robustness in Deep Neural Networks
Antifragile dynamical systems – beyond robustness, resilience, and adaptiveness
Special Session on Neurorobotics
FEDn – A scalable federated machine learning framework for cross-device and cross-silo environments

For details on all follow to Workshops and Special Sessions