Poster preparation guidelines

Poster size and orientation

The size  should be A0-format (841 x 1189 mm or 33.1 x 46.8 inches).  Please use Portrait Orientation and we suggest to include your Manuscript Number in the lower right corner.


  1. You can make changes the font size of the Title. Author Info, and Track section so that it fits nicely on the top portion of this template and your poster. Avoid text sizes smaller than 18 in your poster.
  2. You have the flexibility to arrange/present material as you please except making changes to the Title section (top portion of this template).
  3. Include a short description of the problem and objectives of the study.
  4. It may be helpful to use graph paper and post-it notes to help you visualize where the components will go.
  5. Organize your poster into relevant sections.
  6. Avoid densely packed, high word-count posters.
  7. We recommend including relevant figures and tables to enhance visual appeal of the poster.
  8. Choose neutral or grayish colors for poster background over bright colors as they are easier on the eyes.
  9. Avoid using too many citations.

ICANN 2019 will not take the responsibility for printing your poster.

These guidelines are based on our previous experience and also recommendations provided for similar conferences.

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