Workshops, special sessions, competitions

How to contribute

To contribute a special session, a workshop or a competition to ICANN 2017, please prepare a brief (one page) description of the session or the competition including a list of organisers and potential speakers and submit it by e-mail to the organising committee

programchair (-a-t-)

Deadline: January 15, 2017.

Workshops and Special Sessions

The workshops are planned outside of the official schedule of the conference. Therefore, they are going to be Tuesday Morning or Friday afternoon. They are organised mainly by the person/group proposing them and can last the whole morning/afternoon. The organisers of workshops are encouraged to prepare, for instance, a web page we can link in the conference website. The participants of the conference are, also, potentially, participants of the workshops. As to logistics, if needed we can provide space (at some cost) in the auditoriums used for the conference.

The Special Sessions are part of the official conference schedule. They will take place during the conference (either in the morning or in the afternoon sessions). The timing for the special sessions will have to fit within the official schedule. Each special sessions groups several contributions which deal with the same subject in one of the two parallel tracks (Brain Inspired or Machine Learning) that we will have in the conference. Typically, they last between 1.5 to 2 hours with short talks of about 20 minutes per presentation.