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Early fees are valid until: Mon Aug 6 2018 23:59:59 CEST.

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Regular, 2nd paper400460

ENNS members who already paid the membership fee for 2018 get a reduction of EUR 50 (regular) or EUR 20 (student) on their registration fee. For all other delegates presenting a communication ar ICANN 2018, the registration fee includes the annual membership to ENNS valid till the end of 2018.

The payment can be made either via bank transfer or credit card. Credit card processing is expensive for ENNS, and therefore we must charge a fee for this kind of payment. All credit card payments are subject to a flat extra fee of EUR 14.

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Remember that the early fees only apply if the payment is received in full by the early registration deadline.

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ENNS members who renewed membership in 2018 get a 50 EUR (20 EUR for students) reduction on the registration fee.

Check the box ONLY if you paid your membership in 2018.

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All accepted contributions to ICANN need to have at least one regular registration associated to them. Enter here the ID number of your submission and its title, as shown in the submission system. Only one submission per registration. If your group is presenting several contributions, please spread the different submission IDs among you so that all have at least one registration associated to them.

WARNING: A student registration is NOT enough for your paper to appear in the proceedings. Make sure that at least one REGULAR registration is paid for your paper, otherwise it will be excluded!

The maximum number of pages for a full paper is 10 (including references). Extra pages are subject to a fee of 100 EUR per page.

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Name badges will be available for all participants. Please enter here the text to be printed on your badge, avoiding special characters if possible. Max 30 characters per line.

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Extras and banquet

The conference banquet is included in all the registration categories, except undergraduate students.

The banquet is to be paid separately (on-site) for undergraduate students or for additional guests (subject to availability).

Please specify below if you would like to have any additional person with you at the banquet. If you are registering as an undergraduate student, include yourself in the count.

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